Wednesday, July 23, 2014

June Pictures

I don't have any pictures of us at Cherry Hill yet because I can't seem to remember to take the camera, but here are a few pictures of our other adventures.
Mia jumping on her tramp.
 I've had fun playing with my new camera and have borrowed a lens from my brother. I couldn't resist how eerie the full moon looked through the clouds.
 Mia dancing to music.  Don't mind the socks, knee highs are her favorite. I've had to hide most of them for the summer.
 Parade day
 The tractor was the best part...other than the candy that is.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

May Pictures

I finally got Blogger working by using a different web browser.  Here is a catch up on pictures.
Playing at the park in Idaho

I forgot to mention in the other post that we went and saw a huge old steam engine as it was being towed through the Valley.  Mia thought it was pretty cool to see a train up that close.

Our Anniversary, zip lining up Provo Canyon

Playing with Cousins
Helping Daddy
All ready for the carpet
Loving the water
I will get June's pictures up soon.  Stay tuned...

Friday, July 18, 2014


So I finally have my computer working again but now Blogger won't let me upload any pictures.  I've been trying for over a week now and figured it was time to at least put an update in since July is half over.
The basement is finally done and we are loving it.  Most days it's been too hot to spend much time outside but the basement is nice and cool.  Mia loves having a huge playroom and tells everyone who comes over that the big room is her toy room.  Monty is also loving his theater room.  I think every night I work he is down there watching a movie.  I've only managed to watch one so far but it was pretty awesome.  The hot weather has been nice on Mondays.  Monday is Cherry Hill day for Mia and I.  It is a local waterpark and we are having a blast there.  Most weeks we go with our neighbors which just adds to the fun.  We have also gone to one of the local movie theaters and enjoyed their free summer movie.  We plan on doing that some more this summer.  It's nice and cool and since the movie is free it's easy to justify popcorn and soda.  June also meant Syracuse days.  The parade was pretty awesome and Monty took Mia to the carnival one evening while I was at work.  It was a fun daddy daughter day for them.
Well that's about it for now.  I will continue to fight with Blogger and see if maybe I can get some pictures up one of these days.  Sorry about that. :-(

Sunday, June 15, 2014


First of all, I was a slacker and didn't get the blog updated the first week or so of June for May.  Then, just my luck, I got some stupid virus on the computer that encrypted everything and wants me to pay $500 to decrypt it.  Needless to say, I have a bunch of encrypted pictures on my computer that is giving me all kinds of problems so until I can get it functioning again I'm left to update the blog on a computer at work.  That means that I have no pictures to add.  I figured I'd plug in an update and then hopefully once my computer is working again (I think we're going to have to wipe out the hard drive) I can post some of our pictures from May.
The first weekend in May was "Guys weekend" at the cabin.  Monty, his brother, and some other friends headed down to a cabin outside of Nephi so Mia and I headed up to Idaho and spent the weekend with my family.  Mia's favorite part about going to Idaho is the huge park that we always go to.  We spent hours at the park on Saturday before hitting up Wendy's for dinner.  Mia thought it was the best day ever.  We spent lots of May working on the basement and I can say it is now completely done (as of Friday).  I guess it finished in June but it's such a big accomplishment I figure I'll mention it now.  The middle of May Monty and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary.  We alternate who plans it each year and it is always a surprise to the other person.  This year was my year to plan.  Mia went up to Idaho for a weekend with Grandma all by herself.  We went zip lining up Provo Canyon, went to dinner, walked along the river, and then ended up staying in Provo that night because we had a baby blessing to go to in Lehi the next day.  My mom brought Mia back down with her when she came for the blessing and we had a great day playing with cousins in Lehi.  Of course Mia saw the park by my cousins house so we had to stop there to play a bit on our way home.
With the warmer weather we have been outside more, playing with friends, riding bikes, planting the garden, and working in the yard.
Memorial day weekend was my holiday to work (the one draw back of being a nurse) but that means I have the 4th and 24th of July off so I thought it was a good trade.  Monty and Mia loaded up and headed out to the west desert and went 4-wheeling with Monty's family.  Of course Mia had a blast and came home completely exhausted and filthy dirty.
Without my pictures to give me a time line I'm having a hard time remembering everything we did.  Hopefully soon my computer will be back up and running so I can throw some pictures in here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We started off April with General Conference.  I got the idea online for a conference basket for Mia. I cut out the pictures of all the general authorities and then taped each one onto a little treat or activity. Then when that person spoke she got whatever prize the picture was on.  Mia loved it and we actually got a little bit out of conference.
We have tulips this year.  We always forget to plant them in the fall so this is the first year we've actually had them.  I was super excited.
 We had a big family dinner with Monty's family. Monty decided it was time for his nice to become an Aggie.
 We got a picture with Grandma great and her 5 great grand daughters from Monty's dad's family.  The next day grandma passed away.
 The following week we headed down to St. George for grandma's funeral.  I met some of Monty's family I've never met before and he got to see cousins he hasn't seen in 20 years.  Sad that it takes a funeral to get everyone together. Mia and Lucy before the funeral started.
 Our family at the funeral.
 We made a weekend of it and stayed in St. George. The weather was great and Mia had a blast playing in the pool.
 Mia had fun playing with all the family.
 It was a nice get away even if it was for a sad reason.
The Saturday before Easter we had a BBQ and Easter egg hunt down at Monty's parents house.  The kids all had a blast. 
Hunting for Easter eggs is always a blast. 
 Mia and her loot.
 Then we colored eggs.
 The Easter Bunny visited Mia again this year.
 Mia and her pretty Easter dress.
 Stopping to smell the flowers.
 Mia has a small obsession with tractors.  There is a house being built on the street behind us and one weekend they left a small back hoe in the yard.  We let Mia go check it out and pretend to drive it.  She was in 7th heaven.
 Grandma came to visit in April too.
 I don't know why but Mia likes to wear her bucket on her head. On this particular day she had underwear on her bucket as well.  It was pretty funny.

 The basement it coming along very nicely.
 Hopefully it will be done but the end of May or first of June.
Until next month my friends!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I am a slacker this month.  April is almost over and I am just barely getting to posting March.  We have been busy this month.  Spring is finally here and we have lots of projects underway but we will get to that in next month's post.  Back to March  Mia has decided she likes to have jobs.  If I ask her to do something and tell her it's her job she is more than happy to help out.  She likes to put away her laundry, put her dishes in the dishwasher, empty the silverware out of the dishwasher, and many other things.  This day I was cleaning bathrooms and Mia decided she wanted to help clean my tub.
 Our major project started in March and is still ongoing.  We are finishing the rest of our basement.  One of the first things that needed to be done was to take the wall out at the foot of the stairs.
 I got to kick through the wall.  It was really fun.
 Monty knocked out the top part of the wall.
 Mia helped take out the bottom of the wall. Our awesome home teacher helped us take the wall out and was a ton of help. It's great to have good friends who know how do things like that.
We are grilling more often now that the weather is warmer.
We've had a few picnics outside already, some even with bubbles.
 Mia helping make waffles for breakfast.
 Helping dad with her own little drill.
Mia's cousin Lucy was baptized this month so we got to go to her baptism and then had a big family dinner with all of Monty's family.  Mia loves playing with her cousins.
Mia picked some of Nana's flowers while we were there. 
One day Mia and I made Play dough.  She was a big helper making it. 
 Mia chose green for the color.
 Good thing we have 101 cookie cutters.
I can't believe how fast this girl is growing.