Sunday, April 20, 2014


I am a slacker this month.  April is almost over and I am just barely getting to posting March.  We have been busy this month.  Spring is finally here and we have lots of projects underway but we will get to that in next month's post.  Back to March  Mia has decided she likes to have jobs.  If I ask her to do something and tell her it's her job she is more than happy to help out.  She likes to put away her laundry, put her dishes in the dishwasher, empty the silverware out of the dishwasher, and many other things.  This day I was cleaning bathrooms and Mia decided she wanted to help clean my tub.
 Our major project started in March and is still ongoing.  We are finishing the rest of our basement.  One of the first things that needed to be done was to take the wall out at the foot of the stairs.
 I got to kick through the wall.  It was really fun.
 Monty knocked out the top part of the wall.
 Mia helped take out the bottom of the wall. Our awesome home teacher helped us take the wall out and was a ton of help. It's great to have good friends who know how do things like that.
We are grilling more often now that the weather is warmer.
We've had a few picnics outside already, some even with bubbles.
 Mia helping make waffles for breakfast.
 Helping dad with her own little drill.
Mia's cousin Lucy was baptized this month so we got to go to her baptism and then had a big family dinner with all of Monty's family.  Mia loves playing with her cousins.
Mia picked some of Nana's flowers while we were there. 
One day Mia and I made Play dough.  She was a big helper making it. 
 Mia chose green for the color.
 Good thing we have 101 cookie cutters.
I can't believe how fast this girl is growing. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


February was a pretty low key month for us.  We started the month off with a bang with Mia being sick.  After Monty had to clean up puke of the floor, get Mia's bedding in the wash, and give her a bath (I was at work...darn), he put her back to bed with a bowl in case she needed to throw up again.  She fell asleep with it on her head.
 And even once she woke up she still preferred to have it on her head.
Once Mia was feeling better she was back to her goofy self.  Mia loves my shoes!  And by her own choice is back to wearing bibs?!?
 We went down to visit Monty's family and Mia did some roller skating.
 She does much better skating in the grass.
In February I got a new toy...a new camera.  Our old one has been dropped a few too many times...mostly by Mia, and I have wanted a nicer one for a while.  We finally found a camera that I liked in Monty's price range so I snatched it up.  I had to drive 30 minutes away to get it but it was so worth it.  I've been busy taking a bunch of pictures since then.
 We're teaching her young to be an Aggie Fan!
 Mia's breakfast of champions?  OATMEAL!
 Monty also decided to grow a beard for February.  We are now in March and it is still around.  Maybe it will be a winter thing.
We did have a couple nice days which meant we got to go outside and play a bit. 
  Mia's loving her new "Big Girl Bike." 
For whatever reason Mia likes laying across various pieces of furniture, window sills, whatever is available.  Apparently she likes planking. 
Mia loves to read books and has now started reading them to her stuffed animals and dolls.  It is really cute to watch.
 She's getting so big!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I'm a little slow this month at getting out post up.  I usually update the blog while I'm at work and I had a nice long stretch off to start the month.
In January we got to try out all our new Christmas presents.  Mia loves her curlers (and her new Jammie's).
 Whenever we put them in it is always her asking for them.
 And the next day she walks around showing everyone who will listen her curly hair.  The first time it went a little frizzy but we are getting better at making the curls stay.
Mia has a new favorite breakfast thanks to Uncle Steve and Aunt Nicky.  Mickey Mouse waffles.  Apparently they taste better than normal waffles.
 Now with more Lego's we can build even more things.  We have built towers so tall that I can't even reach the top standing on the bar stools.  We've made all kinds of houses, cars, planes, cranes, animals, pretty much if Mia can think it we find a way to build it.
 On January 14 my Grandpa passed away.  He was 97 years old.  The last 2 weeks of his life he made a drastic decline so we kind of knew it was coming.  It had been 11 1/2 years since grandma passed away so it was time for him to go and be with her.  This also meant we had an unexpected and unplanned trip up to Idaho.
James Raymond Cobbley
 Mia didn't quite understand what was going on. For her it was a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa and she even got to see her cousins who we don't get to see very often and hadn't seen in 4 months.
 Mia and Khloe had so much fun playing together.  They brought a smile to every one's face.  It was a really fast trip for Steve's family (they got there late Friday night and left late Sunday morning) but we're glad they braved the 8 1/2 hour car ride with 2 little kids to come.
 Saturday night while we were there Nicky's brother came to babysit the girls and we had an adults night out at Chili's.  Needless to say it was quite the adventure, they weren't very busy and yet they brought us appetizers and told us we'd have to wait for utensils because they didn't have any clean silverware...who's ever heard of such a thing?  The girls enjoyed a dinner of mac and cheese, carrots, and root beer and were in 7th heaven.
 Just by coincidence, Mia and Khloe have the same PJ's and both of them just happened to bring them to Grandma's house.  What are the chances?  Of course that meant we had to take a picture of them with their matching Jammie's.
 Winter is definitely not my favorite season.  I'm a wuss and don't like the cold.  At the same time, I don't like being cooped up inside all day either.  Mia and I have had to find ways to spend our day that are both warm and less boring.  One of her favorites is going to the mall.  They have a play land in the middle of it.
 She will run and climb and jump and play for hours if I let her.
We've also spent lots of time playing at home.  Mia loves setting up her stuffed animals next to her to watch TV or even just to hang out.
Chicken, Mia, and Pig are all ready for story time!
 January is also Monty's birthday.  He's the big 33 this year.  We had a birthday dinner down at his parents at the beginning of the week and brought home lots of left over cake so I decided to do a birthday pie for his actual birthday.
 He got a Kindle (just the boring e-reader one, but he likes to read) and a new Patriots hat.
 Happy Birthday Babe!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I just love December.  The excitement that's in the air, the spirit of Christmas, spending time with family and friends, and all the fun activities we always do with our own little family.  We started off December by putting up our Christmas decorations.
 Mia loved putting the ornaments on the tree.  After she went to bed we had to spread them out a bit.
 When I was a kid, every year we got a new Christmas ornament. If we went somewhere fun that year we would get an ornament on vacation, or we would pick out one based on what was going on in our lives or just one we liked.  We decided to do the same thing with Mia and Monty and I are trying to get ornaments from where we go on vacation.  Mia's been in love with the Toy Story movies this year and Buzz is her favorite so we got her a Buzz Lightyear ornament this year.  When Monty and I were on our cruise we got a turtle for the tree in Costa Maya, Mexico.
 All lit up. We have 4 stockings hanging by the fireplace because our stocking holders spell NOEL.  Guess we need a 4th family member so they can all be filled by Santa.
 We had our first snow fall so of course we had to go out and play in the snow.
 Sadly there wasn't much snow to play in. Mia really wanted to build a snowman.  We finally got one put together that was about 3 inches tall.  It was even too small to get a decent picture of it.
 The first weekend in December we had a bunch of old friends over from out student ward. We just got together for dinner and catching up. It was lots of fun and it's amazing how far we've all come from being a bunch of newly weds in the student ward.  I didn't manage to get any pictures with everyone there but we had a great time and Mia even managed to share some toys with her friends.
 Every year the NICU where I work does a Christmas party for all our graduates.  It's so fun to see the babies I've worked with growing up.  No Christmas party would be complete without a visit from Santa.  He gave all of the kids a bell.  Mia wore hers as a necklace on a very regular basis and would tell anyone who would listen that it was from Santa.
 We also wrote a letter to Santa at the party.  Mia asked Santa for a big bike, more blocks, a bell, and a lion.  Don't know where the lion came from but OK.  We then took the letter and mailed it at her preschool and Santa sent her a letter back.  That was pretty cool.
 Monty's family are huge RSL soccer fans.  This year RSL made it to the MLS Cup (the super bowl of soccer).  The whole family got together at Monty's Dad's work to watch the game.
 Aunt Trina ended up having to entertain the nieces for a bit.  It was a VERY long game...and sadly didn't end the right way either.
December brought some seriously cold weather so we didn't know if we'd make it to Temple Square to see the lights.  We decided to bundle up tight one night and give it a try.
It was super cold and started blizzarding after we'd been there about 20 min.  Mia told us the snow was hurting her face so we decided it was time to go.
Mia LOVES make-up. Whenever I've getting ready she wants me to put make up on her too.  She also likes putting gel in her hair, spray on her neck, and anything else girly.  One day this is how I found her in my bathroom.  She looked up at me and said "Look mom, I'm pretty now."  I couldn't help but just laugh. 
 Mia also got to sit on Santa's lap at our ward Christmas party.  This time she just asked Santa for a big bike.
 My Mom's extended family that lives in Utah usually tries to get together for a Christmas party every year.  This year it was at Aunt Carol's house.  Julie was a big hit with the younger crowd.
 Mia and Samantha.  Second cousins...I think...It's my cousin's daughter.
 We painted Mia's nails all festive for the holiday before she went to Nana's for the grand kid Christmas party.  Mia got to spend the night at Nana's too while Monty and I went to dinner and to the Forgotten Carroll's.
 Mia at Nana's for the Christmas party.  They had dinner, decorated cookies, made a little craft, acted out the Christmas story...
 And buried themselves in teddy bears,
Starting a couple years ago all the girls in Monty's family started getting together for lunch.  We did that again this year and in addition to our normal ugly socks, we had ugly sweaters this year.  They were shiny purple or pink (depending on what one you got) and the most awful fit ever.  I still need to get a copy of the picture of all of us.  We ended up with a lot of people staring at us and even some asking us what in the world we were doing.  If I ever get a copy of the picture I'll add it in.

We finally got a decent snow fall so we were then able to attempt a little bit bigger snowman.  We couldn't get the snow to pack very good so it's kind of a sad little snowman, but he has a carrot for his nose and that is all that mattered to Mia.
 The snow was slick enough to sled down the driveway.
 We went to Idaho for Christmas this year so Mia got to open a few presents before Christmas so we didn't have quite as much to take up and Aunt Trina wanted to watch Mia open a few presents.
 Mia got boots (for walking according to her) and a puzzle from Aunt Trina.  The puzzle is pretty cool because it's made up of 4 pictures of Mia with various family members.
 Aunt Gina gave her Minnie Mouse.  She has to sleep with it every night now.
 A couple days before we left for Idaho we went to Ogden to see the Christmas Village.  Mia was much more excited about it this year.  However she kept spilling her hot chocolate and that led to a few melt downs.
 We picked the right day to go because they had 2 of Santa's reindeer there.
 Mia also got to ride on the train.  She kept saying over and over how Awesome it was.
 No Christmas would be complete without an adorable new Christmas dress.
 Then it was off to Idaho.  Mia and Grandpa were getting festive in their matching hats.
 This is my little brother's girl friend Kia.  She is also Mia's new best friend.  She calls her Kia Kia.
 And of course Christmas wouldn't be complete without chocolate balls (at least this year the mess stayed in her mouth).
While we were in Idaho we went to Lava Hot Springs.  This time Mia got to come along.  It was her first time to the "warm swimming pools."
She had a blast
Christmas Eve we went to the nursing home to have pie with Great Grandpa.  Mia was a bit scared of Great Grandpa and stuck close to dad. 
When it came time to help make dinner Mia was a big helper. 
 On Christmas Eve Mia gets to open one present and it is new PJs.
 Milk and cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.
 What it looked like after Santa came.  Apparently Santa got the message that she wanted a big bike.
Christmas morning was pretty fun. 
 This year Mia definitely got the concept of opening presents.
 She had all kinds of goodies in her stocking from Santa.  By far her favorite Christmas present was her very own make up kit that was tucked away in her stocking.  She pulled it out, clutched it to her chest, and cried out "Make up."  We all laughed at her.
 She watched patiently perched atop her bike while Daddy opened his stocking.
 She wasn't as patient when it came to opening presents under the tree. She wanted to open all the presents and thought they should all be for her.  After a brief melt down we got her back on track.
 Go Patriots!
 Mia got two dress up skirts from Grandma and Grandpa.
 I have to say this child was spoiled rotten this year.  This isn't even everything she got.  She had presents from Nana and Grandpa and Aunts still at home.  Part of it was I have been earning gift cards online most the year so I really spent very little on Christmas this year.  I maybe spent about $35 out of pocket...not too shabby.
 Grandma had marshmallows at her house that were bigger than Mia's mouth.
 That afternoon Kia Kia came over and brought Mia another present.  Mia really does liker her elephant, she'd just woken up from a nap and is still a bit groggy.
Once Mia was awake she helped her build a tower with her new wooden blocks.
 A trip to Grandma's house wouldn't be complete without sitting in the hot tub.
 Mia and Uncle Shawn.  Uncle Shawn had to take a back seat to Kia this weekend...he's just not as cool as Kia apparently.
 Back at home Mia was all ready for bed in her new PJs from Nana and Grandpa and her new doll that has the exact same PJs.
 Riding her bike with all the snow has proven to be a challenge.  It's hard to get on and off the sidewalk. She's had a few wrecks but still wants to be out riding.
 Santa brought Mia a birthday cake.  That means we had to have a party.  She put a piece of cake on each plate and then got us some tea (water) to go with our cake.  We had quite the party but you aren't allowed to even pretend eat the cake.  I learned that the hard way.